Behaviour Management Policy

The aim of Dawny’s Day care is to encourage positive behaviour. We want to have a sense of care and respect between each other whether within the nursery or outside.

It is imperative that the children respect the setting so everyone will need to adhere to the setting’s house rules.

Our aim is to praise the good and ignore unwanted behaviour as this sometimes can be done to seek attention, instead we will praise good behaviour by rewarding the children with stickers, affection and allowing them to pick their own chosen activity.

When it comes to unwanted behavior we will encourage the child to think about what they have done. This may result in children being removed from the situation to further encourage the understanding of what went wrong. We have a “red circle” that is used for the over 3’s, when children have not behaved, the child will then stay on the red circle with an egg timer, and this will vary on times depending on their age.  All children will talk through the incident and understand what they have done is not acceptable. They can then continue with the activity.

To encourage positive behaviour we provide stimulating and exciting activities and environments for the children to explore. Our staff act as good role models for the children through using good manners, their language and their actions, for example demonstrating how to share an object.

Partnership with parents is key to Dawny’s Daycare. We want to work together with you, the parents, to provide the best form of care. It would be great if you could inform us on any details you feel is important for the nursery to know E.g. eating issues or illnesses.

We will always encourage parents to inform us on details that may affect the child’s well-being. This can be as simple as ‘mum is away this week for work’ or ‘dad has broken his arm’ small changes can potentially have a huge effect on a child’s behaviour.

If we have concerns about a child’s behaviour we will speak to the parents to put in to place a system that will be effective for the individual child. This may be a sticker chart or a behavioural plan and if necessary seek advice from outside agencies.

Our behaviour coordinator is Lisa Holmes (SENCo); please speak to Lisa if you wish to know more about managing behaviour in our setting.


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