A Royal Wedding Celebration

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To celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, we held our very own Royal party on Friday 18th May 2018! The children had so much fun making their own crowns and decorating them with jewels and sequins. Each room made a tier of sponge cake which were put together and decorated with cream and strawberries; one of our lucky little boys won the cake and took it home that evening! The building was decorated with Union Jack flags too! We had a lovely afternoon tea out in the sunshine; the children helped make their own sandwiches and enjoyed some royal fruity jelly! Congratulations Harry &...

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Dawny’s Space Station

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Welcome to the Dawny’s Space Station, we are ready to explore the universe and make friends with aliens! Our mini astronauts blasted off this week and are having so much fun discovering stars, planets and rockets! Not to mention the extra-terrestrials! They have loved reading ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ and getting all messy during various space arts and crafts. Watch out for us returning Earth…but for now they sky is the...

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We are Outstanding!!!

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On the 21st August 2017 we had our Ofsted inspection; it was just a normal day that played out as any other (apart from the fact we had an Ofsted inspector on site!). The wait for our report felt like forever but when it was published in the middle of September we were ecstatic to share the news we achieved OUTSTANDING!!! Everyone in the Dawny’s family works so hard to provide the best care we can on a daily basis and to have this reflected means so much! Dawny’s are very proud to share our report (170913 Inspection Report), please take a look! It’s important to note that this is just the beginning for Dawny’s and we will be continuing to push boundaries to be providing the absolute best care available. We’d also like to thank every single one of you for your continued support, it’s impossible to do this without...

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Harvest – Food Bank Collection

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As part of our Caterpillar’s Harvest theme we have been collecting food for Addlestone Food Bank! This morning our Caterpillar group went for a lovely walk to the food bank to drop off our collection. We collected 26.1kg worth of food and the children had a lovely time meeting the food bank workers and seeing what happens with the food we donated.

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Peppa Pig Day

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On Thursday 27th July 2017 we held a Peppa Pig charity day raise money for the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) ward at St. Peter’s Hospital. It was a fun-filled day full of Peppa Pig activities, cake sales, silent auction and we even had real live pigs come to visit! We were very lucky and received may generous prizes for our silent auction including Bockett’s Farm tickets, gym passes and a Leo Bancroft voucher. We also had Mandy Woodford from the Little Roo’s charity come to visit our 3-5yr olds and talk to them about the amazing work the NICU ward does. Amongst all the fun we were so happy to have raised a fantastic £500 which will be used to by more ‘nests’ for the NICU ward as they currently only have 1 of each size for the babies. We are so pleased it will make a positive...

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