Dawny’s Day Care’s Love for Pet Grows & Grows

Since Woof-Woof Wagabi, the nursery’s African Leopard Tortoise, joined the family in September the love for her from children & staff has grown & grown!

Although, she may not be a ‘traditional’ furry pet she is definitely a member of the family. “All the children love to see her and spend time with her, she spends time in the offices, the classrooms and in the garden when the weather is nice. The children always ask how she is on a daily basis, it’s so sweet,” says Dawn Mitchell, nursery manager.

As you may have guessed the children helped name her but she’s called Gabi for short and she has recently become a bit of a daredevil as she tries to jump the steps! “Our aim is for Gabi to grow with the nursery as our family expands and hopefully get her a boyfriend!”

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