FEE (funded early education)

Dawny’s Day Care do not offer term time only placements. For this reason we have calculated that any child eligible for the universal funding will be able to claim 11.17 hours of funding a week over the whole year. Unless you have claimed FEET funding, you will need to attend a minimum of three sessions to claim the 3&4yr old funding through us. This will incur a monthly charge for the additional hours which is currently £123.72.

To claim the extended funding your child will need to attend a minimum of four days and you will be entitled to 22.35 hours of funding a week. Three days will have 5.5 hours funding & 1 day will have 5.85 hours funding.

FEET (Funded Early Education for Two Year olds)

Dawny’s Daycare run our days in sessions of which are 4 3/4 hours long. For this reason we can offer 2 sessions a week free through the FEET funding if your child is eligible. Please contact us for more information or click the following link:

Work schemes

Please contact us if your work offer childcare vouchers to see if we can accept them.

Tax Free Childcare

We are registered to accept payments through Tax Free Childcare. Please just notify us of your reference before making your first payment so we know which child to allocate the payment to.


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