Health and Safety Policy

Our setting takes health and safety very seriously and is of utmost importance. We aim to make our setting as safe as it can be for children, parents and staff. We work with the children and parents to make sure they are aware of any hazards and risks to enable them both to feel safe. In addition, regular and detailed risk assessments are carried out to reduce the risk or any hazards.

We use health and safety to discuss with the children how to be safe in their environment through planned activities and routines.

 No smoking -

We comply with the EYFS safety regulations by making our setting a no smoking (including electronic cigarettes) environment both indoors and outdoors.

All staff and parents are made aware that our setting is a no smoking area, we also display a sign on entrance to show this. If staff smoke then they will do so away from the premises on their break, they will not smoke 15 minutes prior to coming into the nursery from the beginning of their shift and at lunch.

No Drugs or Alcohol

Carers of any kind (including guardians) must not be under the influence of alcohol or any other substance which may affect their ability to care for the children. If a parent or guardian was to collect their child under the influence, we would contact the emergency contact number and refuse collection. If necessary, we will also contact the police. In line with the Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements 'If practitioners are taking medication which may affect their ability to care for children, those practitioners should seek medical advice. Providers must ensure that those practitioners only work directly with children if medical advice confirms that the medication is unlikely to impair that staff member's ability to look after children properly. Staff medication on the premises must be securely stored, and out of reach of children at all times.'

Sun Safety -

When the sun is shining, we like to encourage children to play outside. To do this we make sure they are safe on hot days by -

  • Applying sun cream of a high factor that is supplied by us from Tesco’s (Factor 50)
  • Making sure all children wear suitable hats
  • Encouraging children to drink plenty of water

Doors -

We fit protection strips to the door frames to prevent children's fingers from being trapped in the doors. We have also removed any unnecessary doors to make sure there is less chance of the children trapping their fingers.

Floors -

All our floors are checked daily to make sure they are clean and even and not wet or damaged.

Hot surfaces -

We make sure in our setting that the children have no contact with hot surfaces. All equipment in the kitchen is not accessible to the children and all our radiators have covers on. We have also put thermostatic mixing valves on the hot water taps, so the water doesn't become too hot for the children.

Electrical/gas equipment -

All electrical/gas equipment conforms to safety requirements and is checked regularly by a CORGI registered engineer.

We make sure that all our boiler and electrical equipment is not accessible to the children by either putting them out of reach.

Outdoor areas -

We make sure that our outdoor areas are securely fenced to keep the children safe when enjoying the outdoor space. When we use the outdoor areas, they will be checked for safety and cleared of rubbish before it is used. All our outdoor activities will be supervised by our practitioners.

Cleaning Chemicals -

To make sure that the children do not touch or consume cleaning products we make sure they are out of reach or in non-children areas. All containers are clearly labelled to show what they are and what they are used for.


Dawnys day care is committed to controlling the spread of coronavirus. We will endeavour to follow all guidance given by the government.

The risk assessment for managing COVID in the workplace will be reviewed monthly and adapted to ensure we are taking all necessary steps to ensure that Dawnys Daycare is a safe place for children, staff and visitors.

All staff returning from Furlough will have a reintroduction meeting explaining the changes which have been put in place.

Risk assessment -

Our setting follows a strict risk assessment which includes the following steps -

  • Identifying Hazards in the setting
  • Who could be harmed by this hazard and how?
  • What actions we are taking to prevent these hazards
  • What further action is necessary?
  • Who will deal with the further action and when?

We run these risk assessments regularly, it does vary depending upon the type of risk assessment and the outcome of the previous assessment. This is done to ensure we are offering the safest of environments for everyone.


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