Illness and Infection Policy

On the rare occasion that all staff become ill, all parents will be contacted to let them know the setting will be closed. As we will be working with practitioners, we will be able to accommodate the majority of children, so this is unlikely to happen.

If your child has a raised temperature, sickness or diarrhea then you will be asked to collect your child ASAP. There will be a chart located in the hallway informing you how long a child will be unable to attend the setting, however the final decision is at the nursery’s discretion, you will always be contacted to collect if your child does have a temperature of 38.5 degrees or more. If your child has a temperature of over 39.5 or sent home on TWO consecutive days with a temperature of 38.5 or above we ask them to be off for at least 24hrs.

We are happy to deal with common coughs and colds but if your child is unwell and in our care, then you may be contacted to collect your child. You may also be contacted if your child is feeling or acting a little out of character (even if there is no temperature), this will enable you as a parent or guardian to work with us and make an informed decision as to whether it is best to monitor them or if you wish to collect immediately, as at times this can be the early stages of an underlying illness.

If a child is prescribed medicine from their GP they must be taking the medication for 24 hours before they can return to the setting. This is in case of any reactions the medicine may cause. If your child is unwell then we advise they stay at home. In the circumstance a child arrives looking unwell or showing symptoms of illness you will be advised to take them home. If your child requires ongoing medication, then we will need to update any medication forms every 3 months. Only management and room leaders are authorised to administer medication. Whilst in our care, if your child is required to take medication you will have to fill in a form granting us permission to provide your child with the medicine, this will need to be signed at the end of each day. The form will contain information such as the name of the medicine and when your child is required to take it. If your child is on long term medication a care plan will be completed for them. We are only able to give children prescribed medication from a doctor, nurse, dentist or pharmacist and it must be in its original packaging and with the prescription label. We will make a copy of the prescription label to store along side the medicine. We will store the medicine where required, for example in the fridge. Medicine will be stored in locked medicine cabinets in each classroom if it needs to be in a cool dry place.

We do understand that children may become unwell with teething, however we can never be sure and as a nursery we are committed to minimising any risk of cross contamination. Therefore, we recommend that if you believe your child is becoming unwell due to teething to see your doctor to gain some prescribed pain relief (we are unable to administer un-prescribed pain relief), please also bear in mind that our 24 hour exclusion policy on prescribed medication would still apply. If your child suffers from a high temperature, diarrhea or is generally unwell whilst at Dawny's Daycare you will be contacted to agree on allowing us to provide your child with the appropriate care e.g. providing calpol to bring down the temperature. We will require you to collect your child immediately after the administration of Calpol and sign a Calpol administration form upon collection.


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