Inclusion Policy

Our goal is to welcome every single child and support them to the best of our ability. We will provide additional support to ensure the best form of care for your child. We aim to work in full partnership with both parents and professionals so that the child can reach their full potential.

We value that everybody is different and respect that you and your child have different cultures and beliefs. Therefore, we would like to be informed of what you and your family celebrate! We will look at a range of different festivals throughout the year to broaden our minds and teach the children that there are many different cultures and beliefs to learn from.

Every child will be included in every activity as it is their right within the nursery to participate in everything. They will be encouraged to value one another and just as importantly themselves. Therefore, we will support accessibility to all equipment. This will be further ensured through organised activities or simple patterns of play. In meeting the needs for individuals, we will be flexible in adapting activities to suit everyone.

We will work with parents and outside agencies/professionals to meet individual needs of children.

Any person who is seen or heard to be using inappropriate or discriminatory language will be challenged. Should this behaviour continue then your child's place at Dawny's Day Care will be reviewed.

We continually review, monitor and evaluate inclusion practices by for example celebrating festivals from all religions/cultures and adjusting our practices to suit all new starters. We can meet all the needs of the children by getting to know them as an individual and making reasonable adjustments where necessary.

At Dawny’s Daycare we are all equal no matter what age, gender, race or ability.


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