Non-Attendance Policy

It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to notify the nursery manager by phone or email if your child will be absent for any reason e.g. illness, holiday, etc. If you know holidays in advance it is greatly appreciated to let us know then.

If your child attends a morning or full day session, please inform us by 10:00am or 2:00pm for an afternoon session.

If we haven’t heard from you a senior member of staff (manger/room leader) will contact, you by telephone and if we can’t reach you, we’ll send an email. We will also keep a record on non-attendance and our contact attempts.

If we have had no contact with you or are concerned about the welfare of the child, our DSL/DDSL (designated safeguarding lead and deputy lead) will contact our local authority designated officer (LADO) through the local safeguarding children’s board. We will also call 101 so the police can carry out a welfare check.

If you claim FEET or FEE funding, long or regular absences may affect your entitlement. We would need to contact the Surrey Early Years and Childcare Service and Surrey Funding Team. We would notify you when we have done this.

If your child is off due to symptoms of coronavirus or due to your family self-isolating you will need to inform the nursery as soon as symptoms or self-isolation commences and ensure they are kept off for the full 10 days.

All absences are payable in full and is stated in our terms and conditions.


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