SEN Policy

A child is considered to have special educational needs (SEN) if they have significant learning difficulties in comparison to their peers. This means they need extra special attention, or if a child has a disability that hinders or prevents the child from using educational facilities generally provided for the same age range.

Our policy in relation to children who experience difficulties in learning or in adapting to the physical, social or behavioural demands of the nursery environment is described below.

Dawny's Day Care recognises the right of each individual child, including those with special needs, to an appropriate quality under 5's experience, which combines care and learning through play and education.

The nursery is sensitive to the needs and feelings of children with SEN and their families and will ensure individual needs are recognised and addressed. Parents/carers will be involved at every stage and in any plans that are made to meet a child's individual special needs.

The staff will continuously monitor and record each child's progress onto their individual progress report.

Equality of opportunity for all children is essential and it is important that children with special needs have the opportunity of learning alongside their peers. For this reason, the special educational needs of children will normally be met in the mainstream setting.

If your child has special needs of any kind, we will discuss:

  • How the child and parent can be helped.
  • How nursery staff can be helped.
  • What advice and practical help we can get from outside agencies.
  • What adaptations need to be made.
  • How we can support and help the parent.
  • What behavioural or educational plan needs to be devised, with outside agency help, tailored to each individual child.

The nursery has an Early Years Special Needs Advisor who is available for consultation and advice. Please contact Gemma Beer - the Nursery Manager directly for further details.

SENCo - Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

SENCo Officer – Lisa Holmes

SENCo Support – Chloe Salmon

Lisa is responsible for any child who has a learning need or a specific disability and responsible for ensuring that the environment is suitably adapted to cater for the needs of these children.

Lisa will liaise with other professionals who may have dealings with the child as a physiotherapist or speech and language therapist. She has the responsibility of putting together an individual plan for the child in the nursery.

If we feel that any child or member of staff is a victim of any inappropriate behaviour, we will ensure it is dealt with in an appropriate manor. For example if a child was to demonstrate rude comments, their parents will be informed and their behaviour will be monitored. Similarly if a member of staff was to demonstrate inappropriate behaviour we would then follow our disciplinary procedure.


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