Where have we come from?

Dawny’s Daycare began in February of 2012, built from an idea between 3 owners to offer the best possible childcare. Our idea came from our Nursery Manager who from previous experience believed we could offer another level in childcare.

The idea behind our nursery is to give the children the best chance in being able to learn as well as having as much fun as possible! This comes from keeping the children healthy, making sure they are smiling and teaching them through our fantastic activities.

Our first nursery was set on Eastworth Road in Chertsey, we decided to open here because the house offered a fantastic feel of being a home away from home. It had a very large open space with large french doors giving the children the option of being indoors or outdoors. This nursery ran fantastically well and filled up quicker than we expected, which then led us onto our current nursery in Addlestone Moor.

We decided to take over the old Woburn Arms pub in Addlestone Moor, even though it’s probably hard to believe with it being a pub we all decided that once again we can make it feel like a home away from home. In June 2013 we received planning permission to change the pub into a nursery, since then we’ve completely transformed the building into the new Dawny’s Daycare home.

Here at Dawny’s Daycare we have created a family, this family includes the children, the staff and you…the parents. We always love to expand our family so hopefully we will be seeing you soon!



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