Why choose Dawny's Day Care?

Here are just a handful of our unique activities and services we offer both our children and parents:


This is a unique system that allows parents to log-in to a secure website to view your children at anytime from home or work. We understand how important it is knowing that your child is happy and safe.


Tapestry is an online learning journal software that enables us to make an interactive journal for each of our children. They include daily observations along with pictures and videos to you to see. It also links to the Early Years Foundation Stage so you can see how your child is developing. Parents can log in at anytime using their personal log in details.


 Hartbeeps is a musical and sensory class for all our age groups. Each week (Thursday mornings) the children are taken on a new adventure with the Hartbeeps’ fantastic sets and props which bring the stories and magic to life! For more information please visit https://www.hartbeeps.com/north-surrey

Pet Tortoise

This is Woof-Woof Wagabi (Gabi for short), as named by our children. She is an African Leopard Tortoise and is around 14 years old. Gabi enjoys the hot weather so stays inside during the winter but roams the garden during the summer months. The children love her and enjoy helping with day to day care!

During the Covid pandemic Gabi got very used to the quiet life and has now gone into retirement. Gabi is living with Russell, one of our Directors, but still comes in for visits!